Company runs business through few separate departments in corporate office which have different role to a common goal.

  • HR, Admin & CSR Department
  • Business Planning Department
  • Marketing & Merchandising Department
  • Finance & Accounts Department
  • Garments Operation Department
  • Industrial Engineering Department
  • Process Improvement Department
  • Commercial Department
  • Assurance Department
  • Pattern & Sampling Department
  • Engineering and Project Management Department

Existence & Practices of Employee and worker Participation Forum / committee:

Worker’s Participations Committee:

In the garment industry, the Worker’s Participation Committee (WPC) is a one-of-a-kind team-building effort. By bridging the gap between top management and staff, this committee aids in the achievement of the target. Staff and management work together through this committee to protect their common interests.

Safety Committee:

A Safety Committee is a team composed of management and union / workers representatives that assists the employer in creating and maintaining a safe workplace.

Grievance committee:

A grievance committee is a group organized within a local union by a group of delegates elected from both labor and management to consider and resolve worker complaints.

Anti-Harassment Committee:

Anti-harassment committee (AHC) is a mechanism for reducing sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination at the workplace.