i. Comply with rules & procedures

Employees shall comply with all applicable land laws and company’s COC and business ethics, policies, procedures, rules & regulations, Office Order, Office circular, notice guidelines etc. All employees shall abide by his/her superior’s logical, lawful and professional instruction and guidelines.

ii. Health & Safety

Employee shall wear or use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPE) while working in workplace.

iii. Drug & Alcohol Substances

Usage of drug and alcohol substances in the workplace is strictly prohibited. Sale, produce or distribution of alcohol and illegal or controlled substances or drug related paraphernalia on company premises is prohibited. Smoking and chewing of betel leaf is also prohibited in the workplace and within the office premises.

iv. Anti-Bribery & Corruption

Smee Apparels prohibits the direct or indirect offering, giving, solicitation or acceptance of any bribe, whether cash or other inducement or advantage; to or from any person or company, wherever they are situated.

v. Official Correspondence

a. An employee should address his/her contact with the appropriate level of etiquette and make sure that s/he spelled their name correctly while communication.

b. Senior (by designation) address or call his/her junior or subordinates by designation or by name;

c. Junior (by designation) shall address the senior by “Dear Sir” or as per designation; d. Colleagues of same hierarchy may address by “Dear Sir”.

vi. Managerial behavior or Leading by Example

As a superior employee a manager is responsible to:

a. Maintain open, honest, respectful and through communication with all team members;

b. Provide information to team members about the objectives and duties of their positions, and have access to any operations manuals, policies, procedures, guidelines and practice frameworks applicable to their work;

c. Inform team members of performance standards expected from them and objectively assess their performance against these standards.

vii. Avoiding conflict of interest

Employees shall not engage him/herself in the following activities without making full disclosure to and obtaining prior approval of the management:

a. Be employed by any organization/ institution outside the group on a regular or consulting basis.

b. Engage in any outside organization in which they have a personal interest.

viii. Acceptance or Giving of Gift & Benefits

a. No employee can ask for or encourage the offer for personal benefits or gifts; and impartiality, or that of the Department, into question;

b. A gift or benefit cannot be kept or used for personal benefit and should be politely refused. If unavoidable, must be reported to the Department Head and such gifts are the property of the Department, or in return for favorable treatment of the donor may be guilty of misconduct; c. No employee shall provide any gift to any stakeholder for his personal benefit;

d. Due to business requirement, if any gift is allowed as per approval of competent authority that will

not be considered as personal benefitted gift.

e. Following acts will be treated as gift:

  • Cash, gift certificates, or a gift of package
  • Tickets to any events or ticket for travelling other than business contract
  • A loan, unless it is from a regular financial institution on normal terms
  • Discount on Goods or services, unless the supplier makes them generally available to all employees in Smee Apparels- Giving stocks, securities, bonds or pledge
  • Entertainment, refreshment.

ix. Political activities

Every individual may have his/her own political view but no employee shall directly or indirectly active in any political activities in the company premises.

x. Gambling, Borrowing, Collection of Premium, or Lending Money

a. Gambling for money or any other purpose, borrowing or lending of money is prohibited

b. Without prior written permission from concerned factory Head and group HR Head, collection of money, selling of commodities, tickets, lottery raffle or canvass at the corporate office or factory premises is prohibited.

xi. Signing of Business Contract

No employee shall sign any business contract or outgoing letter or document nor shall make any financial commitment on behalf of the company unless s/he is specifically authorized to do so.

xii. Invitation of Factory Visit

Personal guests of employees can meet in reception area but to visit company’s premises, prior approval is required.

xiii. Disclosure of Official Information

a. Employee shall ensure the confidentiality and privacy of information obtained in his/her business relations with colleagues and external parties and must not use and/or disclose, or attempt to use or disclose such information for any improper or inappropriate use;

b. No employee shall, during his/her service or after its termination, disclose to any person any information relating to the company or its clients or any trade strategies and confidential information, technical knowhow which have come to his knowledge while in the services of the company except when compelled to do so by a court of law.

xiv. Copyright

a. No employees shall reproduce any materials i.e., text, images, videos, software, paper, sound clip, etc. without prior approval from the management;

b. No employee shall take any photograph of or from the company’s premises, machineries without prior approval from the management.

xv. Speech to press or Media

Without prior permission of the management no employee shall contribute to any press, radio, television, organization nor shall make public or publish any document paper or information of the company which may come into his custody or possession.

xvi. Residential Address

All employees shall inform the company in written within 3 working days of any change of his/her residential address.

xvii. Notification of official circular, rules, policy, procedures etc.

Employee shall read notices pasted on company’s’ official Notice Boards or e-mails and employees deemed to have knowledge of the contents of all such notices affecting.

xviii. Use of Company Assets

All employees and other entrusted personnel are responsible for protecting Epyllion Group’s assets. Resources such as computers, telephones, mobile sets, personal digital assistants, pen drives, machines,

and similar technologies are provided to employees to perform their tasks in support of company business.

xix. Restriction on use of Company assets

a. The use of company’s assets for personal purpose is strictly prohibited; either than officially issued car, appliances & furniture for home use.

b. Employee shall drive company vehicles with required license.

xx. Return with good condition of Company Assets

a. Employee shall return all official records, assets, equipment’s in good condition while s/ he will leave the service;

b. The company shall deduct value of damaged assets if employee is responsible for damage.

xxi. Removal of Company Assets

No employee shall remove any property (including papers), etc. from the company’s premises without prior consent of the concerned unit HR, Admin & CSR Head.

xxii. Zero Tolerance

No Employee shall exercise ZERO TOLERANCE issues. Consequence of exercising following Zero tolerance Issue is unforgivable offense that leads the employee to dismissal from job. The followings are ZERO TOLERANCE issues.

a. Physical assault or abuse

  • Theft;
  • Monetary corruption
  • Verbal abuse
  • Sexual harassment
  • Gift

xxiii. Criminal Charges & Conviction

Employee will be dismissed automatically without prior notice or pay in lieu thereof if s/he is convicted for any criminal offence from court.

  • Diligence, care & attention
  1. Employees are required to do their job effectively, impartially and to the best of their competency.
  • Employee shall maintain accurate records and keep files associated with their work up to date;
    • Employee shall carry out any agreed plans for improving work performance within timeframe;
    • Employee shall comply with any Departmental policies in the workplace;
    • Employee shall maintain a standard in dress and appearance;
    • Employee shall not engage in any misconduct;
    • Employee shall avoid negligence of duty;

h. ‘Go slow’ is prohibited at any level.

i. An employee shall not possess or carry any lethal weapon, arms or ammunition or explosive in the company premises;

j. An employee shall not sleep at factory or office premises while on duty;