i. Anti-Corruption Practices
a. Smee Apparels always work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.
b. Smee Apparels prohibits the offer or acceptance of a bribe in any form on any portion of a contract
payment, or the use of other routes and methods to provide improper benefits to the other related
parties. Contributions to charity and sponsorships cannot be considered as bribery.
ii. Entity must be free from all political affiliation
a. Even though the employee has right to have their political ideology and affiliations but this should not
be associated with the entity. The entity never be used for any political activities or for any political
b. No resources of the group (both physical & intellectual as well as the business image and reputation)
are used for any political benefits, opinions, circulations or any activities relating to politics.
iii. Socially Responsible business entity
Smee Apparels is committed to establish itself as a socially responsible business house. This includes but
not limited to:
a. Alignment with the standards, principles, guidelines and/or code of conducts of the national and
international certifications and memberships, this company has for its management system, social &
environmental compliance, product specifications and others.
b. Committed to undertake such social business which will uphold internationally recognized human
rights and labor rights and ensure the economic, social and ethical prosperity of the society.
c. Act as a socially responsible manufacturer with much emphasis on conservation of natural
environment and prevention of pollution as well as the continual improvement of its environmental
management system.
d. Ensure through each business process and activities in such a way so as to contribute towards the
community involvement and development and uplift overall economic and social parameter of the
e. Act a good social neighbor across the boundary.
iv. Access to the data and information
Smee Apparels will ensure the access to its data and information by ensuring the proper protection and
securing the same. As such the group categorized its information in a bellow mannered so that the
interested parties understand the data and information accessibility principles of the entity.
a. Financial information: Not accessible by general users and can only be accessed by nominated persons
of the entity.
b. Strategic information: Not accessible by general users and can only be accessed by nominated
persons of the entity.
c. Business confidential information: Not accessible by general users and can only be accessed by
nominated persons of the entity.
d. Operational information: The entity will ensure the accessibility of the common information related to
its operation towards the internal interested parties. External parties shall require permission from the
competent authority to access the data & information.
e. Legal & general information: All legal & general information should be easily accessible by both
internal & external parties.
v. Distinct responsibility between board members & Management
Smee Apparels clearly distinguishes between its board and the management. Board members are
persons holding the shares of the company and involve themselves in only those activities which are
related to strategic development and corporate affairs of the entity.
On other hand professional management takes the strategic directives from the board and derives the
operational plan from such strategic directives given by the board. Management presents to the boards
for achieving the target set by the board, runs the day-to-day operation in manners which will ensure
the implementation of broad guidelines set by the board members.
vi. Institutional Approach
All members who are connected with Smee Apparels shall regard the entity as a separate existence. This
implies that all activities and the policies formulate must be benefitted to the entity and not to any
individual. Each employee shall emphasize to the interest of Smee Apparels.